Therissos – Zourva – Meskla

Transfer Crete - theriso dromos

Within 27km worth visiting the village Therissos for the magnificent landscape and the natural sightseeing around. Situated at the foot of the white Mountains is famous for its endless battles of their inhabitants.  Also visit the headquarters of El.Venizelos since from here started the revolution of 1905 with a view to the union of Crete with Greece.

Transfer Crete - emilia s tavern

The road from Chania passes through the impressive homonymous gorge, by the river and close to the entrance of the gorge you will see the old stone bridge “KAMARA” as the natives call it. The mountain village Zourva though small is a beautiful village of historical importance, as the inhabitants of the island helped in the liberation struggles. Uniquely fitting among the lush hills within the valley Keritis, lies the village of Meskla. You will be impressed from the stunning surroundings and natural beauty.