Meskla, Zourva, Lakkoi, Omalos.

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 We pass through Pervolia village and 15 minutes after we go into Theriso gorge. Inside the gorge we can stop for photographs. 15 minutes later we arrive in Theriso village. In Theriso village we stop for 30 minutes about for drinks and walk round. In the central square of the village prevails the statue of the great Greek politician Eleftherios Venizelos. We can visit the Historical Museum and Museum of National Resistance.

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We continue driving through spectacular view to Zourva Village (15 -20 minutes). Zourva Village is south bound deep in the scenic Keritis Valley and 572m high at the foot of the white mountains. The view is unbelievable, we stop for photographs.15 minutes after we arrive to Meskla Village which is the site of an ancient city with various artifacts and remains of cyclopean walls and ruins of the houses and city walls of a city that is still unsure which one and what name it had of the Alikianos area. The village Alikianos worth a visit as you will see the bridge stone, hosted in the waters of the river valley of Keritis and also the monument of the executed.

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We will then visit the village Lakkoi which is built on the slopes of two hills overlooking the White Mountains. A verdant village with gardens and small orchards and odds to dominate the olives.

Ultimate destination is the Samaria Gorge, 47 km away which starts from Main Omalos Plateau at a height of more than 1200 meters. Its length is approximately 18 kilometers and it is the longest gorge in Europe. The gorge has been declared a National Park both for its natural beauty and for the unique and rare flora and fauna living there. The most characteristic species of the gorge is the wild goat of Crete, the famous kri-kri  you may see it as you walk, far away on the mountain sides of the mountains of Lefka Ori.

This tour is about 5 hours